riding at -20°


how to be ready:

bike prep / clothing /  reccuring maintenence


Winter is tough on bikes! We offer specialist winter preparation services for your bike to help you get through the cold season without constant mechanical issues. We suggest an annual winter prep service before the season, with a full mechanical service, ideally, every three years. Full service details are in the “services” section.

Winter preparation service (55$)

  • Brake system service including dissembling, before greasing pivots and lubing cables
  • Gearing system service with lubing of derailleurs, shifters, cables and chain
  • Headset adjustment
  • Greasing of pedal threads
  • Greasing of seatpost and stem
  • Security checkup tightening all external nuts and bolts
don't catch a cold:



Comfort out in the blizzard? Yes, it’s possible!

It’s essential to feel comfortable and safe while winter cycling. Proper layering of clothes and a well adapted bike are the way to go. Let us guide you to keep your fingers defrosted and to stay up on two wheels!